Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

July 18th, 2012
Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

The audio of a good home theatre system is very important. Though a lot of HDTVs may deliver good quality audio, not all built-in speaker systems will be satisfactory. If you have invested a great deal of money in getting a system that gives you top quality images then you may not want to compromise with the audio. You will require high-end audio to enjoy your home theater system. For this you will require a good set of speakers and a receiver.

Home theater and the standard stereo receivers are alike - the home theater receivers will support more channels. While the stereo receivers have only about two channels the home theater receivers support up to either five to seven channels.

Receivers must have enough output power. They must have the power to drive a large number of speakers. High power is required to get ample volume and noise-free sound. The HDTVs cannot deliver 10 watts on each speaker. In home theater systems it can be between 30-50 watts or maybe even more on each channel. High power will help you enjoy your home theater system better, but remember, high power is expensive.

Receivers must have lots of ports and different variety of ports as this will help connect other devices you might want to use through them. You will need two HDMI that is High Definition Multimedia Interface ports and you will have to attach other components like video and speaker connectors. You could also have an FM-tuner and satellite radio receiver fixed to it.

A speaker system consists of three speaker sets. If you cannot get extra speakers then you could use the stereo system already available at home. If you have extra speakers and your receiver has seven channels then you can have multiple speakers and connect each speaker to each channel.

To make your system one of the best and the most powerful ones you could use five speakers. You could use front-channel and surround system speakers on both the sides and one speaker at the center called the center-channel speaker. A special sixth one, an extra speaker that is called a sub-woofer may be added.

The speaker at the center, called the center-channel plays the conversation and the left and right units produce background and other sound effects. There may be a certain amount of overlapping between sources in any system otherwise it could sound unnatural.

The sub-woofer carries very low frequency sounds like the special effects in movies, gunshots, crashing buildings, jets etc.

The surround speakers are placed behind or onto the sides of the system and they produce the three hundred and sixty degree effect that all of us are used to from multiplexes and theaters. In addition to this, 3-D audio may also be added.

You must get a video-shielded system as the modern day HDTV sets do not have an electron gun and are not sensitive to magnets that are in the speaker systems.

Any set you buy has to be synchronized. Most manufacturers make sure that the speakers they offer for sale have seamless integration. Before buying a system you must ensure that it is able to produce a realistic, high-end audio experience.
Movies are enjoyed by everyone in this world. Recent trend of home theatre has made it convenient to enjoy movies at your comfort zone. Home theatres mimic or sometimes surpass the commercial theaters in terms of sound quality. With great sound effect technology, a cinema-like feeling is guaranteed.

Ultimate pleasure can be derived from a home theatre. So when you buy a dynamic home theatre system offering best sound effects, it is important to arrange it in the right room to get the right result. People usually complain of poor sound output of the sound system without knowing that the real problem is in their house or in a particular room where the home theatre is placed. Commonly, soundproofing the room will solve the problem.

Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

Moreover, soundproofing adds value to your home theater room. A soundproofed room will also stop the irritating noise and clamor coming from outside. Living in a busy city can disrupt your viewing pleasure with car horns, loud music and renovation noise. A quiet room brings a certain amount of tranquility. Soundproofing provides relief if you have neighbors who party every Saturday or you live near a highway.

The remedy to make your home theater noise free is to install soundproof panels. A soundproof panel blocks sound from entering the room from outside. It is ideal for a room where your home theater is placed. First of all you need to find out in what direction the sound is moving in the room. After this, find the possible inlet from were the noise comes or will come possibly. Acoustical panels made of foam can cover walls and ceiling. The added advantage of soundproofing panels is that they also reduce vibration and stops the movie sound to enter other rooms.

Acoustical panels enhance sound quality of the sound system. In addition, they are available in beautiful patterns and colors and can uplift ambience of the room. The patterns you can choose from are vast such as Wave, Prism, Celeste, Tetris, Contour, Cubism etc. The acoustical panels can be custom made to incorporate your room d├ęcor. It is ideal for a room where your home theater is placed. First of all you need to find out in what direction the sound is moving in the room. After this, find the possible inlet from were the noise comes or will come possibly

Correct soundproofing panels can make your room look beautiful and give you ultimate pleasure of movie watching. Using panels is au courant and is trending as a makeover item for homes and restaurants. Made to perfection, soundproofing can offer you better living devoid of noise, vibration or reverberation.

When choosing home theatre furniture there are certain considerations that have to weighed before purchasing. To have a successful home theatre seating the right furniture must be chosen for this will affect how the movie is viewed and enjoyed. It does not matter how expensive or how cheap the home theatre seats are, if they are not the right make and style, then it can still be an expensive purchase. Here are what should be considered:

- The first thing is to measure the room or the area where the furniture are to be placed. Logically, if the area or room is small big sized furniture should not be chosen even if it is affordable, pretty amazing looking and a good buy. If it is too big, then it is too big, unless there is a magic wand that can increase the size of the room in a second?

- Choose the type of furniture that is to be purchased according to their function. If it is for a single's pad, then having a home theatre recliner is a good idea or a set of recliners. There are some sold in sets of threes and fours. If the set of three can fit comfortably in the area in front of the home theatre then that could be a great way to watch the movies which will offer no viewing distraction. A coffee table in front of the recliners would do well here.

- Then there are the really budget conscious buys like the acrylic stackable chairs. This is a great option if space is a real issue. There are some apartments which don't have any room to speak of and sofas, loungers or coffee tables are not even to be considered. Having stackable chairs will make it easier for the homeowner to offer great seats for friends and companions and these could just be stacked and stored in the closet or off on one side. These are also great options if the area is large and there are sofas and recliners but there are not enough seats. These chairs can be placed where the viewer wants to sit and get the unobstructed view of the screen.

- Once the choices are made, arrange the furniture in such a way where everyone can have a clear and free viewing of the screen. If watching around heads is uncomfortable in cinemas, then this should be avoided easily at home. For that is what the home theatre is for, to watch the movies comfortably cleared of distractions.

- Place the coffee table in between the LCD or LED screen and place one or two side tables between seats. This will hold all the snacks and drinks within easy reach without distracting the view of the screen.

Home Theatre Speakers come in a wide variety of choices, so wide in fact that making a choice can be very difficult. Unless you have spent many long hours reading about the different options for creating a home cinema system, you probably won't have a clue where to begin.

Home theater speakers are usually bought as part of a packaged home cinema system. Sometimes however you may decide to build that system by buying the separate components. This can be a great way to save money and improve the quality of the system within your budget. As you start your research you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the array of choices to make. There is a simple method you can use to buy the best quality within your budget.

This method is for buying the best home theatre speakers for your budget. You can use this method to research many other components such as home theatre systems or home theatre projectors, wireless speakers and surround sound systems. In fact it can help you to buy many different products but is especially suited to the home electronics market.

Where would you find one of the largest retailers of home electronics, in fact by far the largest online retailer - Amazon of course. We can use Amazon to do our research very easily, and you will probably end up buying from them in the end. Here is the theory.

Go to the site and enter the search term for "home theater speakers". When the results come up look to the top right hand corner where there is a drop down box that says "sort by". You can choose relevance, best selling, price and average customer review. We can use these filters to refine our search. Also look to the left hand panel of the site, for more options such as by brand, price range, new or used, customer review ranges and more.

Once I have refined my search by relevance and price I will look at the customer reviews and best selling results. If an item is in Amazon's best selling range it is good. Poor products simply do not become best sellers in their categories in Amazon. This is in part because of the customer review system that is used by savvy buyers.

Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

Home Theatre, Audio, Video & TVs

Think about the review system. Have a read through some of the reviews for speaker systems and see how detailed and well written some of them are. You can learn a lot, quickly by reading a few reviews. For someone to take the time and effort to write a review about the speakers they have bought - they need to have some form of motivation. Either the product is great or it is poor. People simply don't bother about just OK. Now, added to that, if a product has a lot of excellent reviews on Amazon, this is another strong indicator of it's quality and value.

So to sum up, we want to refine the search results to find the best selling product with excellent reviews and a lot of them. This is our golden target but of course our personal preferences count.

This system is great for narrowing down your search and for finding out about specific products and what buyers think of them. Use the available resources and you will be on your way to finding the perfect home theatre speakers.

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